An entirely new industry

CycleØ technologies are designed to capture, process and purify naturally occurring methane gases produced by the agri-food and livestock industries, and convert them into green gas. Taking this existing resource and converting it into net-zero energy that the world needs is the driving force behind our company. In working to create an entire industry from the ground up, CycleØ is actively supporting global targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while unlocking significant new revenue streams.

Our vision

We founded CycleØ because we believe it’s imperative to develop smart, achievable and rapid solutions to humankind’s environmental impact. We wanted to apply our specialist expertise squarely to the critical reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, with a cost-effective, rapidly scalable and immediately accessible system that leverages a valuable, chronically underused energy resource – biomethane.

Join CycleØ

CycleØ is looking for people who have the passion and positive energy to make a difference in 2022 and beyond. We are creating an entirely new industry and are looking for people across a broad range of disciplines – from experienced executives and those with direct energy or agriculture expertise to recent graduates with ambition and agility. To take part in the circular energy revolution, email us at

Harnessing farm energy

Farming and agriculture businesses produce the valuable nutrition that we all need and depend on. But left untreated, the methane they generate is a super-polluting greenhouse gas. CycleØ sees this as wasted energy that we can easily access with the right technology. Our ability to economically capture and upgrade readily available agricultural biomass into biomethane gas allows farms to become renewable energy platforms in their own right – dramatically improving their environmental impact and helping to create a greener, cleaner planet.

About CycleØ

CycleØ was founded in 2022 by FNXlng and Ara Partners (specialist investor in tangible forms of carbon reduction). From its headquarters in Bilbao, Spain, FNXlng has been a leading provider of renewable energy technologies across Europe since 2015. The company has extensive experience in biogas capture and conversion via both compression and liquefaction technologies for vehicular and industrial applications, as well as direct injection into existing pipeline networks.